About Us

Rebecca Scheer, Designer, and Andy Hoffman, Cameraman.

We are Indianapolis-based wedding photographers and cinematographers, but also serve the surrounding states– Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, and Michigan– the midwest and beyond.  We love to travel and are more than happy to cover weddings anywhere in the US and abroad!

We won’t lie; we’ve been called geeks once or twice. Back in high school, it was because you couldn’t pull Andy away from his computer while Becca was busy with band practice and books. Now days, it’s because we throw our passions into everything we do, whether it is capturing your wedding or just enjoying life. So, if that makes us a little nerdy, we’re ok with it.

We got hitched back in 2011 and started our business just a few months later. Getting married was fun and there were happy people everywhere; so, after brainstorming how we could combine our skills and passions, Blissful Kiss Photo+Film was born. (Yes, born. Seriously. Our business is our baby!) Many people tell us they could never work with their spouse, but we love being a husband-and-wife team and we love working with husbands and wives to-be. Is it too over-the-top to say we’ve found our passion and the best job ever?

When we’re not creating beautiful images for our couples, you might catch us at home, brewing a new beer recipe or planning our next trip. Seeing the world—from the pyramids of Egypt, to the markets of Peru, to the cozy pubs of Ireland—keeps us feeling alive and refreshed. Experiencing culture around the globe and at home—we are always game for some live theatre or an independent film fest—defines who we are and adds depth to our work…it probably helps our trivia game, too. Training for our next event keeps us lacing up the sneakers on a regular basis, but we also love a good snuggle on the couch.  And, at heart, Andy is still a techie and Becca, a lover of words.

Uniquely Geek & Offbeat Chic

What makes you unique? We want to know.

Those little quirks that make your relationship one-of-a-kind are the same things we love helping you express on your wedding day.

For some of our couples, that’s a mystical love that began at a Hogwarts Halloween party or a shared obsession with craft beers. For others, it is the timid first date after meeting through online dating (or better yet, online gaming) or the wedding-day gift of a Tardis journal, full of love letters. And for others still, it is a relationship filled with early-morning trainings preparing for an Ironman or the ecstatic excitement left-brained lovers feel about getting married on pi day.

Regardless of what it is that makes you who you are, we love working with couples that are comfortable in their own skin. Knowing and understanding the two of you allows us to shine a light on your individual personalities and your remarkable relationship.  Because, when you express yourself, your wedding day AND your photos and films are truly authentic.

Want to express your authentic self?  Get in touch.

Our Style

Our style is characterized by bold colors with dramatic light and depth. While sometimes we might choose to make a light and airy image, far more often, we are drawn to make clean and crisp images with rich tonality.

We balance a dramatic sense with emotional moments to create a collection of images that is elegant and timeless while coming together to create the narrative of your day.

We think wide to detail to set the scene, move the story and highlight the unique details of your day to make photographs and films that are natural and authentic.

See our galleries to get a feel for our style.

Our Service

There is a lot of lip service out there about customer service. It’s an easy thing to claim to do, but another thing to deliver. So many people promise the world and give, well…not much.

Our impeccable service is something that sets us apart. We treat our couples like the friends that most of them become. We over-deliver on our promises and focus deeply on the experience you have working with us. Since we both have strong business backgrounds, we actually do know what good customer service is.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out some of our testimonials and see what our couples are saying about working with us.


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