Blissful Kiss Photography adds Cinematography, Now Blissful Kiss Photo+Film


Big news, friends!  We’ve added cinematography (kind of like videography, but better; more on that later) to our photography offerings to provide your the best imaging possible for your wedding.  

We’ve had it under our hats for quite some time now.  We’ve shot few wedding videos in 2016 and have over a dozen booked for 2017 and haven’t said anything.  Why?  We wanted to have something to show for it.  Check out a few of the 2016 films here, and stay tuned for even more films as we wrap up our 2016 editing.

Although we added film to our line-up of offerings last year, but it doesn’t feel particularly new.  That’s because we’ve been developing it for so long.  We’re not the kind of people who have an idea and put it up on the site the week later.  We research.  We think about it.  We talk to other people.  We practice.  And, then and only then, do we roll it out.  That is totally what we did with film. 

Videography vs. Cinematography

We believe there is a distinct difference between videos and films, and thus a difference between videography and cinematography.  Cinematography is in the style of cinema; something you would go see in a movie theatre.  It is an art based on the concepts for movie making.  Videography, on the other hand, is Uncle Bob setting up a video camera on a tripod in the back of the church to record your ceremony.  They are entirely. different. things.  And the outcomes are staggeringly different, too, honestly.  When you see it, you’ll know.    

What Makes a Good Wedding Film?

In all of that research and planning a few things became really apparent, like the differences between mediocre wedding videos and stellar wedding films:

  1. Quality Audio.  Have you ever watched a wedding video that has been set to music and music alone?  It’s nice, but something big is missing. It is the audio.  For a wedding film to be amazing, it has to have the bride, groom, parents and bridal party speaking, telling the story.  These voices are the narrative (the story) to your film, and without them your video is ho-hum.  But including audio by itself isn’t enough.  The ear knows the difference between top-notch, professional audio and the choppy, crackly, amateur alternative.  When that audio is good, it just pulls you into the film that much more.  
  2. Meaningful Camera Movement.  Same goes here.  Every watched a wedding video totally devoid of movement?  Or, better yet, ever watched a video with movement that was fun, but served no other purpose?  These are the main difference between so-so video and crazy-good cinematography.  A video that only contains static shots from a tripod is boring.  A video that contains dramatic movement, without a purpose or a link to the story line is meaningless, and maybe a little gratuitous.  Quality films include movement that makes sense and pushes the story line forward.  
  3. Lighting that doesn’t Suck: As photographers, we are “painters with light.”  We know how important lighting is in photos and so we don’t neglect it, like so many folks do, in video.  When you are watching videos, ask yourself: do these look flat, like Xerox copies?  Or do these look dimensional…maybe even 3-D?  That’s one of the big differences, and it’s not so hard to spot. 

Thank You! Thank You! Thank YOU!

Thank you to our 2016 couples who have blindly trusted us to shoot your wedding films and thank you, too, to our dozen-plus 2017 couples who have signed on for wedding films by hearing only our words.  We so much appreciate your trust and we can’t wait to make amazing films for you.  Get ready 🙂

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